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Xasthur - Sigils Made of Flesh and Trees (Preorder)


Before there was The Funeral of Being, there was Sigils Made of Flesh and Trees. One of Xasthur's classic albums here for the first time in it's original form. Pulled directly from the original CD-R and left completely intact. No remixing. No remastering. It's not perfect. It's not supposed to be. This is for diehard fans only. Limited to only 300 copies on black vinyl through Appalachian Noise Records.

Special Notes:

LIMIT ONE PER CUSTOMER - If you order more than one, your order is canceled.

DISCOG FLIPPERS FUCK OFF - This is not for you. Don't be an idiot and try to order one to flip. I will check Discogs and Ebay regularly. If you buy one and try to toss it online to sell at an inflated price, everyone will know what a parasitic, money grubbing asshole you are. So just don't.

THIS RELEASE IS EXCLUSIVE THROUGH ANR ONLY - For right now it'll only be available here. Foreign(including Canada) Distros/labels feel free to contact me for distribution so I don't have to crush people with insane International Shipping.

Expected to ship late December/early January.