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Lord Matzigkeitus - From The Many Splintered Minds CD

$2.00 / Sold Out

Lord Matzigkeitus’ third album is great abyssic chasms apart from the previous two...

“From the Many Splintered Minds” is a carefully crafted seance of violent disarray and mentally unbalanced torture with rich tapestries of schizophrenia

Longtime arcane conspirator of LM’s Orpheus (notably the brainfather of Texan black Metal opera Sartoraaus) has woven together in his music a nightmarish vision that spans every walk of extreme metal... from DSBM, to death metal, to harsh black metal, to doom, thrash, black and roll and beyond.
Every song being a disjointed madness that houses the myriad of conjecture that the cerebellum of a dangerous schizophrenic goes through.

The voices and words Lörd Matzigkeitus himself has evoked are that of a shattered psyche grasping at the enclosing walls of a world that unrelentingly attacks what small peace could reside in him. To the outsider...terrifying all with an unmatched vocal dynamic showcasing every vocal style he’s conjured throughout his prolific 20 year career in death-dealing metal.

Limited to 50 copies on cd with 1/2 of them being housed in custom, handmade leather/wooden boxes.

You are not mentally stable enough to process this release. Caution is strongly advised.

***Each and every box is handmade and one of a kind. Your box will not look like the one in the picture.***