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Fuck You Bobby Fire Sale


My favorite person to hate is shunning his earthly possessions in favor of other pursuits. Anything still sealed is noted. If you would like it removed from the jacket when you buy it, notate that in your order.

Most of the records are VG+/NM unless otherwise noted.

As always, no shipping to South America.

**I am making absolutely nothing on any of these records. Every single dime spent is going back to Bobby. Cuz fuck him.

At The Gates ‎– At War With Reality (White Marble. Limited to 500)
At The Gates ‎– At War With Reality 10" boxset STILL SEALED
At The Gates ‎– To Drink From The Night Itself (Seaglass Green)
Bloodbath ‎– The Arrow Of Satan Is Drawn (red)
Cannibal Corpse ‎– Gore Obsessed (reissue)
Corpsessed ‎– Abysmal Thresholds
Ghoul ‎– Wall Of Death 7" (Red)
Ghoul ‎– Intermediate Level Hard-Core (red)
Ihsahn ‎– The Adversary (Brown)
Impaled ‎– The Dead Shall Dead Remain PIC DISC (SIGNED BY BAND)
Iron Maiden ‎– No Prayer For The Dying (black 2017 reissue)
Nile ‎– In Their Darkened Shrines (Green Gold Merge)
Nile ‎– Black Seeds Of Vengeance (Brown Orange Merge)
Necrot ‎– Blood Offerings
Obituary ‎– Inked In Blood (BLACK)
Obituary ‎– Inked In Blood (WHITE/RED MERGE)
Repugnant ‎– Epitome Of Darkness (Repress black)
Ruin Lust ‎– Ruin Lust
Shed The Skin ‎– Harrowing Faith (Black)
The Walking Dead (AMC Original Soundtrack - Vol. 1) (Hot Topic Exclusive Pic Disc)
W.A.S.P. ‎– Golgotha (black)
Worsen - Blood
Vallenfyre ‎– Splinters