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Akasha/Unrest - Vibrations of Blood and Hate​ Lathe Cut Lp or Cassette


"There’s clearly no shortage of vitriolic misanthropy in the (blackened) hearts of either of these men. From a musical perspective. however, they both bring something slightly different to the split. Akasha’s “Life Force Control” comes charging out of the gate bearing a heavy crust/d-beat influence, clutching a fistful of punked-up metal riffs that occasionally bring to mind a violently hostile Motörhead (as well as providing all the context one needs for his venomous cover of “Ace of Spades” that closes out the Akasha side of the split). Unrest’s “Forlorn,” on the other hand, is lo-fi, primitive, and painful, building in intensity from its ambient noise intro through its frenetic first half, then pulling back out again for its lurching, almost martial-sounding closing section. Both are exhilarating in their own distinct ways, and Vibrations of Blood and Hate as a whole will have you more than ready to track down those who’ve wronged you and leave a trail of destruction in your wake."

-Indy Metal Vault-

Cassette has 6 tracks
Lathe has 4. Is single sided. Comes with free poster.

*There will be NO RETURNS on lathe cut lps because they don't play on your turntable. Look up what they are before you order and find out if your turntable can play them.