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- We offer wholesale orders to overseas labels or distros only. 

- If you've never done any business with ANR before you cannot distro any of the hyped or large releases everyone else wants. Aka, Kommodus, Xasthur, Krieg, Valac releases and the like. You cannot have those if we have never done business before. We are trying to establish business relationships overseas for the benefit of both parties. That requires establishing a working relationship with ANR over the span of a year or two, then we can talk. 

- You have to take on 5 of each item you want. Unless there are less than 5 available. Anything less looks like you're trying to score a cheap copy for yourself. You will also be expected to take on more than one release at a time.

- You cannot flip them on Discogs. You will get outed publicly. 

- We do not do trades.