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So you've got an album/demo you want ANR to put out? Excellent. Before you send it off here's some things to keep in mind: 

- If it's 3 songs or less, we will not release it. 5+ songs, we're interested. It's extremely rare that ANR releases a demo that is small. Unless it's from a band we have worked with in the past and we are reissuing their demos. Other than that we don't do it.  Small demos sit on the shelves and never move. It's not worth the time and effort to release it. We prefer full albums or splits. A single song on each side also isn't good enough for a split. 

- If you're an unknown band with either a single member or have never played shows, don't ask or expect a vinyl release. Vinyl is an incredibly expensive endeavor and only is printed in the event that the album is guaranteed to sell. We don't care that your super limited bedroom kvlt demo sold out because you only made a run of 5. Being cool on the internet doesn't always translate to album sales. Don't believe your own hype. Almost every ANR release is a small run of pro made cassettes first. CDs have been made, but are rare that ANR will do a release exclusively on CD. CDs don't sell. If there is demand for a cd or vinyl release it will be explored. 

- There are no formal contracts. It's your music. We are merely the vessel to release it. All profits are split 50/50 AFTER all money invested by ANR is recouped. That can take over a year. 

- We accept all genres of music. We primarily deal in Black Metal with some other sub genres tossed in. But we're always looking for something interesting to release. Especially if you're from Appalachia. 

-If you're Bobby. Fuck you and don't even try it.